What is the Intimaseat?

The Intimaseat is a chair made for two. The chair is designed for persons and their partners to sit together, one in front of the other, in a close, comfortable, and intimate way.  It is a way that creates much more powerful feelings than the side-by-side love seat in use today.   Sitting in the Intimaseat for the first time lets you know right away that it is different than any chair you have ever sat in before.

How does the Intimaseat encourage closeness?

This unique chair places you and your partner so that you can experience closeness in a new way.  It is a way that is a huge step above the traditional love seat where its occupants sit side-by-side.  In public places, such as at a movie, a concert, a park, botanical gardens, scenic trails, a lake, a river, a hotel or motel balcony, overlooking a beautiful view, a campfire with several other couples with their own Intimaseats; the Intimaseat transforms a pleasant experience into a memorable one.  In private, such as in your home watching TV, on your deck enjoying the view of mountains, ocean or sunset; the Intimaseat increases the feeling of closeness as you relax together.

Imagine you and your partner sitting in an Intimaseat out on your deck overlooking a great view watching the sunset. The man’s legs are straddling the women’s body and squeezing her, and he can touch and rub her shoulders as he views her from above. The women feels protected, close and receptive to touch as she rests her head on the man’s chest and places her arms and hands on his legs.  The occupants are actually part of the Intimaseat.  Experiencing the Intimaseat in person can be the ultimate game changer in how you and your partner enjoy each other when relaxing.  It can be a spark making your life more enjoyable.

Choosing your Intimaseat

The Intimaseat is made of White Cypress or Pressure Treated Yellow Pine.  They fit nicely in sun rooms, patios, decks, balconies, and in front of TV.